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About Washington Court Records

Washington state’s population is growing and the state’s court system has to keep up with the influx of residents. One way Washington keeps track of its courtroom activities is to maintain accurate, up-to-date court records that are available for all to see. Whether you went to traffic court to fight a ticket, civil court to file a small claims suit, or even federal court to face a large-scale indictment, you’ve got a court record in Washington to back it up. Everyone can see these court records in the interest of public safety and engagement and it’s always a good idea to make sure your own court records are accurate. Whether you want to find out if your neighbor may be dangerous or you just need some facts for a research paper you’re writing, Washington’s court records can tell you what you’re looking for.

Court records are actively maintained by the state of Washington, from the U.S. Courthouse in Spokane to the Nakamura Building in Seattle. Whether you’ve been to court, filed an official court document, or even been convicted of a crime, court records likely have the story down in detail. If you want to look up someone else’s court history in Washington, all you need is a few minutes and a connection to the web. It’s never been simpler or more convenient to sift through the state’s court files and the government makes this information available for the reason. What do you need to find out about a court case in Washington?

Washington Court House Records

Court House
  • Washington Administrative Office of the Courts
    1206 Quince Street SE, Olympia, Washington
  • Washington Administrative Office of the Courts
    1206 Quince Street SE, Olympia, Washington