Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson

Wife of Edward Viii of the United Kingdom

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor was an American socialite who married, as her third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of the British Empire, Emperor of India. Wallis's father died shortly after her birth, and she and her widowed mother were partly supported by their wealthier relatives. Her first marriage, to a U.S.… Read More

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1896 Birth Born on June 19, 1896.
1901 5 Years Old In 1901, Wallis's aunt Bessie Merryman was widowed, and the following year Alice and Wallis moved into her four-bedroom house on West Chase Street, Baltimore, where they lived for at least a year until they settled in an apartment, and then a house, of their own.


1908 12 Years Old In 1908, Wallis's mother married her second husband, John Freeman Rasin, son of a prominent Democratic party boss.
1910 14 Years Old On 17 April 1910, Wallis was confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church, Baltimore, and between 1912 and 1914 her uncle Warfield paid for her to attend Oldfields School, the most expensive girls' school in Maryland. … Read More


1916 20 Years Old In April 1916, Wallis met Earl Winfield Spencer, Jr., a U.S. Navy aviator, at Pensacola, Florida, while visiting her cousin Corinne Mustin. It was at this time that Wallis witnessed two airplane crashes about two weeks apart, resulting in a lifelong fear of flying. The couple married on 8 November 1916 at Christ Episcopal Church in Baltimore, which had been Wallis's parish. Win, as her husband was known, was an alcoholic. He drank even before flying and once crashed into the sea, but escaped almost unharmed. After the United States entered World War I in 1917, Spencer was posted to San Diego as the first commanding officer of a training base in Coronado, known as Naval Air Station North Island; they remained there until 1921. … Read More
1922 26 Years Old They soon separated again, and in 1922, when Spencer was posted to the Far East as commander of the, Wallis remained behind, continuing an affair with an Argentine diplomat, Felipe de Espil.
1924 28 Years Old In January 1924, she visited Paris with her recently widowed cousin Corinne Mustin, before sailing to the Far East aboard a troop carrier,. … Read More
1925 29 Years Old By September 1925, she and her husband were back in the United States, though living apart. Their divorce was finalised on 10 December 1927. By the time her marriage to Spencer was dissolved, Wallis had already become involved with Ernest Aldrich Simpson, an Anglo-American shipping executive and former officer in the Coldstream Guards. He divorced his first wife, Dorothea (by whom he had a daughter, Audrey), to marry Wallis on 21 July 1928 at the Register Office in Chelsea, London. … Read More


1929 33 Years Old The Simpsons temporarily set up home in a furnished house with four servants in Mayfair. In 1929, Wallis sailed back to the United States to visit her sick mother, who had married legal clerk Charles Gordon Allen after the death of Rasin. … Read More
In January 1934, while Lady Furness was away in New York City, Wallis allegedly became the Prince's mistress. … Read More
1935 39 Years Old Edward showered Wallis with money and jewels, and in February 1935, and again later in the year, he holidayed with her in Europe. His courtiers became increasingly alarmed as the affair began to interfere with his official duties. In 1935, the head of the Metropolitan Police Special Branch told the Metropolitan Police Commissioner that Wallis was also having an affair with Guy Marcus Trundle, who was "said to be employed by the Ford Motor Company". … Read More


1936 40 Years Old 1 More Event
Wallis had already filed for divorce from her second husband on the grounds that he had committed adultery with her childhood friend Mary Kirk and the decree nisi was granted on 27 October 1936. … Read More
1937 41 Years Old 1 More Event
…  Upon her divorce being made final in May 1937, she changed her name by deed poll to Wallis Warfield, resuming her maiden name. The couple were reunited at the Château de Candé, Monts, France, on 4 May 1937. Wallis and Edward married one month later on 3 June 1937 at the Château de Candé, loaned to them by French millionaire Charles Bedaux. … Read More
1940 44 Years Old When the Germans invaded the north of France and bombed Britain in May 1940, the Duchess told an American journalist, "I can't say I feel sorry for them." … Read More
1941 45 Years Old In 1941, Prime Minister Winston Churchill strenuously objected when she and her husband planned to tour the Caribbean aboard a yacht belonging to a Swedish magnate, Axel Wenner-Gren, who Churchill said was "pro-German". Churchill felt compelled to complain again when the Duke gave a "defeatist" interview. Another of their acquaintances, Charles Bedaux, who had hosted their marriage, was arrested on charges of treason in 1943, and committed suicide in jail in Miami before the case was brought to trial. … Read More


1946 50 Years Old In 1946, when the Duchess was staying at Ednam Lodge, the home of the Earl of Dudley, some of her jewels were stolen. … Read More
1952 56 Years Old On George VI's death in 1952, the Duke returned to England for the funeral. … Read More


1965 69 Years Old In 1965, the Duke and Duchess visited London as the Duke required eye surgery for a detached retina; Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, visited them. … Read More
1967 71 Years Old Later, in 1967, the Duke and Duchess joined the royal family in London for the unveiling of a plaque by Elizabeth II to commemorate the centenary of Queen Mary's birth. … Read More
1972 76 Years Old Upon the Duke's death from cancer in 1972, the Duchess travelled to the United Kingdom to attend his funeral, staying at Buckingham Palace during her visit. … Read More
1980 84 Years Old 1 More Event
Blum sold items belonging to the Duchess to her own friends at lower than market value, and was accused of exploiting her client in Caroline Blackwood's The Last of the Duchess, written in 1980, but not published until after Blum's death in 1995. … Read More
1981 85 Years Old In his 1981 novel Famous Last Words, Canadian author Timothy Findley depicts the Duchess as a manipulative conspirator. … Read More
1986 90 Years Old The Duchess of Windsor died on 24 April 1986 at her home in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris. … Read More
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