Wildwood Dr

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Other Spellings for Wildwood Dr
Wildwood Dr is also spelled Wildwood Drive, Wildwood Driv, Wildwood Drv
Greenville, MS
Time Zone & Current Time
Greenville, MS lies within the Central Standard Time (or CST). The current time in Central Standard Time is 07:05 PM on 02/27/2015.
Greenville, MS
Top Streets
1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St, 6th St, 7th St, 8th St, 9th St, A St, and Abide Dr

Local News

News for Greenville, MS
Greenville, MS
Population Demographics
Household Income average: $34k
Home Value average: $135k
Age majority: 20s
33 yrs old
Gender Majority: female
53% Female
46% Male
Ethnicity average: african american

Purple Caucasian Blue Hispanic Red African American Orange Asian Green Native American Yellow Other

Occupation Majority: management

Purple Management Blue Sales Red Labor Orange Construction Green Farming Yellow Other

About Greenville, MS

Greenville is a city in Washington County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 48,633 at the 2000 census, but according to the 2009 census bureau estimates, it has since declined to 42,764, making it the eighth-largest city in the state. It is the county seat of Washington County. Greenville was named after American Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene. Greenville is located on the eastern bank of Lake Ferguson, an oxbow lake left from an old channel of the Mississippi River. Two floating casinos are located on the lake near the downtown area, with a third just west of the city near the Greenville Bridge. Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. operated a lumber mill on the lake two-tenths of a mile south of the casino levee parking lot; the mill specialized in making hardwood boxes until it closed. The Winterville Mounds Historic Site, with museum and picnic area, is located just north of the town at 2415 Highway 1 N; the Indian mounds were built by a tribe that predated the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian tribes.date=March 2011 [more on Wikipedia]

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