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William Kissam Vanderbilt II

William Kissam Vanderbilt II

Racing Driver
Born Mar 2, 1878

William Kissam Vanderbilt II was a motor racing enthusiast and yachtsman and a member of the prominent United States Vanderbilt family.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of William Kissam Vanderbilt II.


1878 Birth He was born on March 2, 1878 in New York City, the second child and first son of William Kissam Vanderbilt and Alva Erksine Smith. … Read More


1898 20 Years Old At age 10, during a stay in the south of France he had ridden in a steam-powered tricycle from Beaulieu-sur-Mer the 7 kilometers to Monte Carlo and as a twenty-year-old, in 1898 he ordered a French De Dion-Bouton motor tricycle and had it shipped to New York. … Read More
1899 21 Years Old In 1899, Vanderbilt married Virginia Graham Fair (1875–1935), a wealthy heiress whose father, James Graham Fair had made a fortune in mining the famous Comstock Lode. … Read More
1900 22 Years Old A skilled sailor, he participated in yacht racing, winning the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup in 1900 with his new yacht he had named Virginia in honor of his new bride.
1902 24 Years Old In 1902, Vanderbilt began construction on his own country place at Lake Success on Long Island that he named "Deepdale." … Read More
1904 26 Years Old In 1904, Willie K Vanderbilt set a new Land Speed Record of in a Mercedes at the Daytona Beach Road Course at Ormond Beach, Florida. … Read More
1905 27 Years Old As such, in 1905 he joined other Vanderbilts on Fifth Avenue, building a townhouse at number 666.
1906 28 Years Old The Vanderbilt Cup auto races repeatedly had crowd control problems and at the 1906 race a spectator was killed. … Read More


1910 32 Years Old His new high-speed road complemented a train service that allowed a rapid exit from Manhattan. Becoming the first suburban automobile commuter, in 1910 Willie K Vanderbilt began work on the much more elaborate and costly "Eagles Nest" estate at Centerport, Long Island. … Read More


1920 42 Years Old Already extremely wealthy from a Trust fund and from his income as president of the New York Central Railroad Company, on his father's death in 1920, Willie K Vanderbilt inherited a multi-million dollar fortune.
1925 47 Years Old In 1925 he traded the luxury yacht Eagle for ownership of Fisher Island, Florida, a place he used as a winter residence. … Read More
1927 49 Years Old Vanderbilt and his wife Virginia had a son, William Kissam Vanderbilt III and daughters Muriel and Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, the latter named for her aunt. However, the Vanderbilts separated after ten years of marriage but did not formally divorce until 1927 when he wanted to remarry. … Read More


1933 55 Years Old In 1933, tragedy struck the Vanderbilt family when his 26-year-old son, William Kissam III, was killed in an automobile accident in South Carolina while driving home to New York City from his father's Florida estate. … Read More


1944 66 Years Old Willie Kissam Vanderbilt II died on January 8, 1944 of a heart ailment and was interred in the family mausoleum at the Moravian Cemetery on Staten Island, New York.
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