William Reginald Hall

William Reginald Hall

Admiral + Director of Naval Intelligence 1914 To 1919; Conservative Mp 1919–23 + 1925–1929
Born Jun 28, 1870

Admiral Sir William Reginald "Blinker" Hall, KCMG, CB, RN was the British Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI) from 1914 to 1919. Together with Sir Alfred Ewing he was responsible for the establishment of the Royal Navy's codebreaking operation, Room 40, which decoded the Zimmerman telegram, a major factor in the entry of the United States in World War I.… Read More

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1870 Birth Born in 1870.


1884 14 Years Old He joined the training ship HMS Britannia in 1884 and two years later was appointed to the armoured cruiser Northampton. … Read More
1889 19 Years Old In 1889 he became acting sub-lieutenant before attending courses for his Lieutenants examinations at Greenwich, the gunnery school and torpedo school where he achieved first class grades in all five of the subjects. … Read More


1892 22 Years Old In 1892 he was recommended to train as a gunnery officer, which involved a course in mathematics at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, followed by a year's course at the gunnery school at HMS Excellent, a shore establishment at Whale Island, Portsmouth. … Read More
1894 24 Years Old In 1894 Hall married Ethel de Wiveslie Abbey, daughter of Sir William. … Read More
1895 25 Years Old In 1895 he was appointed as gunnery lieutenant on the cruiser Australia where he served for two years before being appointed to the senior staff at Whale Island.


1901 31 Years Old He was promoted to Commander 1 January 1901, in recognition of services with naval forces in South Africa, and later served on the battleship Magnificent, flagship of the second in command of the Channel Fleet.
1904 34 Years Old In 1904 he became commander of the predreadnought battleship Cornwallis which was commissioning with a new crew to operate in the Mediterranean. … Read More
1905 35 Years Old In December 1905 he was promoted to Captain and appointed by the First Sea Lord, Sir John Fisher as Inspecting Captain of the new Mechanical Training Establishments, which Fisher had established to give engineering training to ordinary sailors (1906-7). … Read More


1910 - 1911 2 More Events
1913 43 Years Old In 1913 he became captain of the battle cruiser Queen Mary. … Read More
1914 44 Years Old His seagoing career cut short by ill-health, Hall was appointed Director of the Intelligence Division (DID) by the Admiralty in October 1914, replacing Captain Henry Oliver. … Read More
1916 46 Years Old Thanks to intercepts from Room 40, Hall was instrumental in the interception of the steamer Aud on 21 April 1916 by HMS Bluebell, which was carrying German arms to Ireland. … Read More
1917 47 Years Old In 1917, Hall was awarded the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, which represents the second highest of eight classes associated with the award. … Read More
1918 48 Years Old He was knighted in 1918 and was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1922 and to full Admiral in 1926, both on the retired list.
1919 49 Years Old 1 More Event
Upon retirement Hall served as a Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Liverpool West Derby from 1919 to 1923, then for Eastbourne 1925-29.


1924 54 Years Old Even in the House of Commons he was still said to be involved in the Zinoviev letter affair in 1924, which led to the victory of the Conservatives in the general election of that year. … Read More


1940 70 Years Old Despite his retirement from military on political life Hall by the late 1930s had been identified as an important target person by the National Socialist police apparatus: In early 1940 the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin, the headquarters of the intelligence service of the SS, added his name to the Sonderfahndungsliste G.B., a list of people residing in the UK, whom the Nazi leadership an/or its intelligence service regarded as particularly important or (from their point of view) dangerous and who for that reason were slated to be tracked down and apprehended with hgihtened priority by special task forces of the SS, that were to follow on the heels of the occupying forces in case of a successful invasion of the British islands by the Wehrmacht. … Read More
1943 73 Years Old Died in 1943.
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