Zaynab Khadr

Zaynab Khadr

Born 1979

The eldest child of the Khadr family, Zaynab Khadr was born in Canada to Maha el-Samnah and Ahmed Khadr. Following the 1992 injury that left Ahmed disabled, Zaynab became a "second mother" to the younger children. She has since been a stalwart defender of the family's legal rights to remain in Canada, and for her imprisoned brothers Abdullah and Omar.… Read More

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1979 Birth Zaynab Khadr was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1979, the eldest daughter and first child of Maha el-Samnah and Ahmed Khadr, Egyptian-Canadian citizens. … Read More
1985 6 Years Old The family moved to Pakistan in 1985, where her father worked for charities assisting Afghan refugees after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. … Read More


1995 16 Years Old In July 1995, her father arranged for the 15-year-old Zaynab to marry Khalid Abdullah, an Egyptian, in December. … Read More
1997 18 Years Old In October 1997, Abdullah re-surfaced in Tehran and contacted the Khadr family to re-schedule the wedding. … Read More


1999 - 2001 2 More Events
2002 23 Years Old In January 2002, Zaynab took Safia and Abdulkareem to Lahore for a stay at the hospital, where her daughter needed medical attention. … Read More
2003 24 Years Old 1 More Event
In 2003, Zaynab, her daughter and her mother stayed at a house in Birmal, Pakistan for two days, before their hosts grew wary of American jets overhead. … Read More
2004 25 Years Old 1 More Event
In her book Wanted Women Deborah Scroggins describes meeting Zaynab while she was a house-guest of Khalid Khawaja, in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2004. … Read More
2005 26 Years Old Although her passport had been revoked by the Canadian High Commission in Pakistan after her father was alleged to be a terrorist, Khadr returned to Canada on February 17, 2005 to be with her mother, and help the legal defence teams of her brothers Abdullah and Omar. … Read More
2006 27 Years Old Most news stories reported only that she had supported the attacks, mobilizing public sentiment against the family. Zaynab has worked to arrange legal support for other Canadians accused of militant actions in the war on terror, notably attending the bail hearings and preliminaries for the men and youths arrested in Toronto in 2006. … Read More
2008 29 Years Old In October 2008, Zaynab began an 18-day hunger strike on Parliament Hill, where she hoped to draw attention to the government's inaction in bringing her brother Abdurahman back to face trial in Canada.


2012 33 Years Old Her brother Omar Khadr was released to Canadian custody at the end of 2012. … Read More
2016 37 Years Old 1 More Event
On January 31, 2016, Michelle Shephard and Peter Edwards, writing in the Toronto Star, reported that Zaynab had been apprehended, in Turkey.
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