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Our Ears Are Finally Wide Open

Written by Ray July 31, 2007

Our website has been live for 8 months, and I have to admit, we’ve been terrible in customer service. We’ve read your feedback only to do… absolutely nothing about it. We’re ashamed about this episode, and before you give up on us, let me explain.

Let’s pretend for now that Spokeo makes cars. 8 months ago we thought we created the most awesomest, the most fuel-efficent, and the most comfortable car ever, but we forgot to put wheels on the car. Some people thought we had made a boat and suggested that we add some life vests, while others thought we had created a sled and wanted warmer seats. We realized our mistake, hunkered down, and added the wheels.

In short, our website was so lacking at that point that we needed to fix major issues with it before we could adopt your feedback. Now, our ears are wide open.

We’re working on Twitter support right now in response to this review, and Twitter support will be completed within a week. Tell us what you want, and we’ll build it.

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  • Alan Ausman |

    Wow, discovered your webpage on Bing.Glad I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Firefox browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? Anyway, love your post and will be back.Bye

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