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Written by August 9, 2007

I track in excess of 500 friends and blogs on Spokeo, so literally every minute, I got something new to read. Here I’d like to share what’s on my reading list:

Flickrbabes (copy and paste "www.flickrbabes.com" into your Add Buddy screen): I am a single guy who just passed 25, so I guess it’s still okay to look at pictures of cute girls. The Flickrbabes author has a good sense of aesthetics, and the blog contains no obscenity. I think both guys and girls would appreciate his photography.

Autoblog (copy and paste "www.autoblog.com" into your Add Buddy screen): I love cars! Although I drive a 14-year-old Honda and have no money to buy a new one, I still enjoy dreaming about owning a cool car. Autoblog always gets the first winds and spy shots of every upcoming car, and they write about 10 times a day. If you like cars, you got to add Autoblog into Spokeo. Also, you might be interested in thetruthaboutcars.com, too. It makes fun of bad cars and car companies in general, and its sarcasm is entertaining sometimes.

My Sister’s Combined Account: My sister blogs about her travel experiences on andrea-travelhighlights.blogspot.com. She also favorites cool videos on Youtube sometimes. Spokeo becomes a very useful and non-intrusive tool for me to keep updated with her (No annoying features that allow people to comment and message each other. We use AIM for that.) She just needs to link all of her accounts together, and adding her blog will allow me to track her other accounts on the Web.

Google Search on Spokeo: This is one cool feature that many people don’t know about. You can go to blogsearch.google.com (or other search engines). Search "Spokeo" or any keyword. Copy and paste the URL of the search results into Spokeo. Then Spokeo will track the latest search results for you. This is how I keep track of what people are talking about us on the Web.

Techcrunch(copy and paste "www.techcrunch.com" into your Add Buddy screen): You might have heard of this blog, since Techcrunch has become the default textbook for the Web 2.0 crowd. It talks about the latest web technologies, and many Internet startups (including us) make their debuts there. Even if you are not into technologies, Techcrunch is still an interested blog to read.

Engadget (copy and paste "www.engadget.com" into your Add Buddy screen): If you like cool gadgets, Engadget introduces about 3 new gadgets to you everyday. Even if you are not into technology, looking at pictures of cool gadgets is pretty entertaining and relaxing (maybe just me?)

What’s on your reading list? If you don’t mind, share them in the comments!

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  • Josly |

    It is always great pleasure to read your blog.

  • harrison
    harrison |

    Thanks Josly for your encouragement 🙂

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    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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    I love this website! Great post btw.. really interesting!

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    Very nice post . I voted for it up on delicious although I partially covered above said on my blog 🙂 Anyway I just stopped by to say hello and compliment your efforts.See you on the World Wide 🙂

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    Hello.. I want to subscribe to your blog but I cannot find your rss link, please help. Thanks. – Jen

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    Hi Jen,

    You can subscribe to our blog from the following link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/spokeo

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