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Got too many friends?

Written by August 20, 2007

There’s a limit to how many friends you can connect online. Most people can only maintain friendships with 20 ~ 40 people. Beyond that, friends are no more than profile images on MySpace.

One of Spokeo’s original goals is to increase that social limit, to enable people to easily connect with hundreds of friends. We believe that by better organizing and highlighting relevant information, we can help people manage their expanding online life.

Check out the “updated” mode. Click on “updated” on the top of your buddy list, and only friends with new updates will show. If you got 100 friends, most likely only 20 of them have something new to say at any given day. With the “updated” mode, you can quickly see who got new updates and who doesn’t.

Once you click on a friend and read it, that friend will disappear in the “updated” mode’s buddy list. This way the buddy list is kept clean and organized. If you want to go back and revisit the old post, simply click on “all” to get your entire buddy list back again.

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