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Mark all as read?

Written by August 16, 2007

What is this?  Is it another geek’s term?  Give me a minute to explain, and you’ll find this feature very useful.

Spokeo tells you the number of new updates since you last clicked on a buddy (in other words, since the last time you read that person).  If there’s something new that you haven’t seen, a number shows up next to that buddy, and the entire buddy is in bold. Now, you’ve already run through the updates from the closest friends you care about, but you are too lazy to go through the rest of the buddy list. Or you just don’t care enough to read through the rest of the news. What do you do?

That’s what “mark all as read” is for.  Right click on the buddy list, select “mark all as read” on the bottom.  Now you can see that all numbers are reset to “0”, and your buddy list goes back to normal (not in bold).

As you can see, this feature is very hard to find, and we don’t think that most people know what it is unless we tell them. This is why we are still debating how to make it more intuitive and prominent. If you got an idea, please leave your suggestion below!

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