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Navigating your Buddy List like a Pro

Written by August 1, 2007

Ever wish you didn’t have to use your mouse to browse through all your buddies’ content on Spokeo? Just want to read the content you haven’t read? Your dreams have finally been realized!


Today we introduced keyboard shortcuts to Spokeo. Now, if you can’t find your mouse or it has run out of batteries, you need not fear. You can still read to your heart’s desire with just your trusty keyboard.

When using Spokeo, you may have noticed a little tip at the top of your homepage describing the Left and Right arrow keys and hinting at more shortcuts. The Left and Right keys allow you to go from article to article within a buddy, expanding the full article as you go along. You no longer will have to click on [more] to see the rest of the article, and you don’t have to click “Next” page.

Once you’re done reading one buddy’s content, why not go on to the next or previous buddy in your list? Here’s where N and P come in handy. Pressing these keys will bring up the (N)ext or (P)revious buddy’s content.

Just want to read new content? Try (c)ycling through all the new content by pressing C. This will jump from new article to new article, skipping over any already read buddies in the process. A quick way to get up to speed!

Lastly, if you want to toggle the “All”/”Updated” filter on your buddy list, press B.

We hope these shortcuts will be beneficial to you in your quest to stay up to date with all your friends’ content. Practice your shortcuts and soon all your friends will be in awe of your Spokeo navigation prowess.

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  • Elroy Jetson |

    I love the updates. I really like the new summary view that gives me what has been going on by date.

  • harrison
    harrison |

    Thanks Elroy, for your compliment and encouragement 🙂

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