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Why fixing bugs takes so long?

Written by August 14, 2007

Actually we do resolve most of the bugs on our computers within hours. It’s just that you won’t see the fixes reflected on computers running Spokeo.com much later.

Why? This is because we cannot release system upgrades very often. Fixing a bug on one or two computers is not bad, but applying that fix to more than 40 computers is a different matter. Every single change in the system can have ripple effects, so we got to test out all aspects of the program every time we change something … even if the change is only one line of code. The complete testing takes about one day, and the deployment of changes can disrupt the service from 10 minutes to several hours.  Consequently, we would identify a batch of bugs, fix them, and then deploy the changes all at once.

We release system upgrades once every two weeks, and we will announce the deployment dates on this blog couple days prior.

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