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All your friends, all at once

Written by September 12, 2007

We’re currently installing some new features on Spokeo that you may be interested in.  Most importantly, Spokeo is now supporting your private friends!  When you ask us to import all your friends from your social network account, we will now not only provide you all the public ones, but also the private ones as well for you to read.  How do I import all my friends, you ask?  Let’s walk through the process.

First, click on the "Add Buddy" button at the bottom left of your buddy list.  This will bring up the "Add Buddies" screen.  You’ll notice that you have several options for adding your friends.  The second option is to import all your friends from a social network, and looks like the following:


When you provide your social network account to us, we will see what friends you have there and add them all to your Spokeo buddy list.  Once you do that, you can stay up to date with all of them on Spokeo!  Whenever you check back in with Spokeo, we’ll let you know who has written something new since you last checked in with us.

Note that you can still only read what your social network account allows you to read from your private friends.  This is by no means a way to sneakily read something you weren’t allowed to read.

We hope the added friend coverage that we’re providing you now will make Spokeo even more useful to you.


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  • harrison |

    Note: this upgrade (and thus the service downtime) will take couple hours because our entire infrastructure has to be upgraded to support content privacy.

    Supporting private content is something that no one has attempted before. We have implemented a sophisticated privacy management system to make sure that all reading privacies are preserved. The coolest thing is that everything is automated! The UI will remain clean and simple.

  • Guido |

    If we’ve already imported our contacts, will the private friends that didn’t appear before show up now?

  • harrison |

    For the existing users who have imported accounts before, you would need to RE-IMPORT your accounts to see the private content.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    After you have re-imported your accounts, the privacy settings of the content will automatically mirror to that of the original sites.

  • Guido |

    … I take it that this upgrade is taking longer than expected? It’s been more than a couple hours.

  • harrison |

    Hey Guido,

    The upgrade has finished since yesterday morning. You still cannot access Spokeo.com?

  • harrison |

    Hey Guido, do you mind emailing me at harrison@spokeo.com so that I can further assist you with this potential bug? We all want to fix it right away 🙂

  • Guido |

    I wasn’t able to access until mid-day Friday. But now it works. Haven’t gotten to re-import all my contacts yet, but I’m good to go.

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