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Written by September 14, 2007

Many of your friends have private blogs and profiles. Before, you couldn’t track them on Spokeo. Now you can!

This sounds like a no-brainer that should have been done months ago. In fact, many users have requested this. It’s taken us a while because it’s really hard to do (I don’t think you can find a similar system anywhere else). Every website has its unique way of handling privacy, and we needed to preserve the privacy of the original content owner. The two design keys were (1) accuracy and (2) automation. (1) Means that Spokeo has implemented a privacy system that is at least as private as the original system. Nothing can get leaked from Spokeo. (2) Means that this system is hassle-free to Spokeo users. We replicate whatever systems were in place at the original site automatically!

We have accomplished these two goals with this release while keeping the UI clean and simple. The sophisticated managment is implemented completely behind the scenes. New users simply need to import their accounts to see friends’ private blogs & photos. Old users need to delete and re-import to see private content. We are working on smoothing that process right now.

We treat privacy very seriously, and we wouldn’t have released this feature if we didn’t feel confident in protecting user privacy. That said, yesterday was the birth of this complicated and unprecedented system, so I am sure there are a lot more details to refine.

As a matter of fact, we have already found two additional bugs. First, new users could not register since yesterday’s release (now fixed). Second, existing users have to delete their friends and re-import to track their private friends’ content (we are working on an automated transition right now). As always, we welcome your help in reporting bugs, so please use feedback or email me at harrison@spokeo.com if you’ve found one.

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