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Written by October 11, 2007

For the past couple of months, we have been consistently posting 2 ~ 3 blogs a week, but recently we’ve become relatively quiet. Are we getting lazy? Did we all go on vacation? Quiet the opposite. We’ve been working diligently on some very exciting features.

We may have been absent from the blog, but we haven’t forgotten our users and readers. Team Spokeo has been busy building a "secret weapon" that will wow everyone. We finished the prototype a couple of days ago. When we demoed the project to our friends, they were blown away. I have to be tight-lipped about what this "secret weapon" is, but I promise that our existing users will get the exclusive preview in two weeks.

Spokeo will always be about tracking your friends, this is our steadfast commitment to our users. In this upcoming release, we will introduce the new element of "Discovery". Now we will find your friends’ content across the Web, organize it, then bring their latest updates to you. The coolest part is how we automate and streamline the entire process. Just sit back, and Spokeo will do wonders.

These new features requires 100 times more engineering and processing power than we can handle right now. Therefore, we will turn Spokeo into an invitation-only service (a closed beta) in two weeks. In other words, new users will only be able to register if they recieve invitations from existing users. If you are still hesitating about whether you should try Spokeo, please sign up now because you won’t be able to do so in the future.

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