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Update on the Move

Written by January 27, 2009

Last Thursday afternoon, we made the biggest change in our infrastructure and moved all our servers to a new data center.  After 12 hours of continuous work, we have successfully pushed Spokeo back online.  While this transition looks smooth and without hiccups on the surface, there were actually some problems underneath (unsurprisingly for this kind of infrastructure change) that our users cannot immediately notice.  Couple servers are broken, and a lot of little bugs sprung out.  Fortunately, due to the robustness of our infrastructure design, none of these problems interrupts our basic service.  That said, these problems do affect our site’s performance and stability, and we are working hard to restore everything back to normal.  We should be able to fix all these issues and complete the entire transition by the end of this week.  Thanks for everyone’s patience.

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CEO & Co-Founder, Spokeo

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  • lee Mccabe |

    If you say you have facebook. Have it. Don’t be full of it to get people to sign into you website. Totally unprofessional. Duh…………

  • karen rosic |

    your sight is virtually impossible to enter.what’s up with that.you send me an e-mail informing me of info. you have for me then don’t allow me to enter and retrieve the info. i just don’t get it…..why bother!

  • harrison
    harrison |

    We do support Facebook search, but the results are limited to premium members only right now due to scalability issues. We will work on expanding this feature to all members in the future.

    The site’s login mechanisms are all working as far as I know. If you have troubles logging in, please contact us through the contact form. Or you can reset your password by pressing the “reset password?” link.

  • Jenice Woloszczak |

    Great article. I am glad you posting that. I ask you accept my for my poor English talking, I am from Portugal and it is somehat new to me.

  • Bella Nugan |

    I think that is an interesting point, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my ability to get to think. Sometimes I get so much in a rut that I just feel like a record.

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