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We just got on MSN!

Written by March 30, 2009

We just got on the MSN front page couple hours ago.  As expected, hundred of thousands of people are flocking to Spokeo right now, and the incoming traffic is beyond our imagination.  The site has ground to a halt, and even we administrators cannot access it at the moment.  We don’t have a solution for this because we cannot stop people from coming to the site, and buying ten more servers today will not help our immediate needs.  As a result, we will just have to wait it out until the traffic subsides to a more reasonable level.

We are sorry about this service disruption to our existing users.  We’ve always planned to have 50% more capacity available to handle unexpected traffic spikes, and due to our planning, we have been able to weather through all the PCWorld, Wall Street Journal, Sina, and other mainstream press around the world.  However, getting on the third largest website in the world (msn.com) is a little bit too much for us to handle today.

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