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Spokeo’s New People Search Interface in Works

Written by April 20, 2009

For the past year, we have been focusing on scaling and increasing Spokeo’s back-end performance.  These technical improvements definitely don’t sound or look sexy since normal users cannot tell if anything has been changed.  However, these works are required for accommodating the increasing amount of new users.  The fact that Spokeo still runs very fast while we are signing up thousands of new users more a day is not an easy feat.

Now we have more or less stabilized our back-end architecture; we have the time and resources to revisit our front-end user interface design.  While the existing interface works well for its original purposes, it does look a bit too familiar and dated.  In the next few months, we are going to revamp our entire interface to give Spokeo a renewed feel.  These new designs and functionality will be rolled out in stages, and our search results page will be the first to receive this major upgrade.  We will keep updating our latest development progress on this blog, so stay tuned!

People don’t always like new changes, and a very good example is Facebook users’ recent uproar against its new designs.  We understand that Spokeo has been working very well for a lot of people so far, so we don’t want to screw up the existing formula.  We will carefully listen to every user’s feedback as we roll out these new changes.  And we guarantee that Spokeo main design philosophy – simplicity – will stay intact.

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