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Jun 02

New Spokeo Search Is Coming

by Harrison • June 2, 2009

News Flash, People Search

The new Spokeo people search is coming in three weeks.  We’ve been working on the Spokeo 3.0 for couple months already, and now we are finally ready to release the first wave of new changes.  The above is an exclusive preview of the new Spokeo search interface.  As you can see, Spokeo search will now focus on finding the most comprehensive profile of the person; whereas, Spokeo reading list will remain focused on tracking friends’ updates. 

Underneath this brand new look, the new Spokeo search will now be able to discover and aggregate business-related information.  Prior to this upcoming 3.0 release, Spokeo is known for finding people’s social information across various social networks, photo albums, music sites, and other user-generated-content services.  In the next couple weeks, Spokeo will start aggregating other types of content to introduce new perspectives on people searches.  Hopefully you will find Spokeo even more indispensable for your day-to-day research.

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2 Responses to New Spokeo Search Is Coming

  1. sassiebrat says: Jun 6th, 2009

    it is saturday june 6th; i have a mac, os 10.5.7; firefox 3.0.10; i cannot logon to spokeo.

  2. harrison says: Jun 8th, 2009

    Our data center provider experienced an unexpected AC temperature problem for about 5 hours this Saturday afternoon. The AC failure caused some of our servers to automatically shut down to prevent further catastrophe. The data center provider had since resolved the issue, and our servers were quickly put back online. Sorry about this brief service interruption.

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