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Balls of Fury!

Written by December 18, 2009


Hey Bloggers!

As I  mentioned in my previous blog, Spokeo has recently relocated and inhabited a new office. The office is currently pretty austere, but there is one thing that adds some character to the place, being the ping pong table! The ping pong table completely dominates the office, standing front and center of our main room. It was definitely the first thing I noticed when I first stepped foot inside the office, and it also gave me a strange, reassuring feeling that I would definitely get along with everyone here.

(The photo is of two of our engineers battling it out!)

Good ol’ Wikipedia has a list of fun facts about ping pong, which I pasted below for your reading pleasure:

*Multi-talented sportsman Max Woosnam, an Olympic and Wimbledon champion at lawn tennis and one-time captain of the England National football team, once defeated actor and film director Charlie Chaplin at table tennis while playing with a butter knife instead of a racket.

*Table tennis inspired the first commercially successful video game, Pong.

*In the early 1970s the People’s Republic of China (PRC) invited American table tennis players to a tournament in the PRC. This marked a thawing in relations with the United States that was followed up by a visit by U.S. president Richard Nixon. The popular media therefore dubbed this visit "Ping Pong Diplomacy".

*At the 1936 World Championships contested in Prague, two defensive players took over an hour to contest one point.The entire match lasted over four hours.

*A man in Hawaii has invented a three-player table for table tennis, calling it Tri-Pong.

*Comedian George Carlin once noted in a stand-up routine that all racquet sports are derivatives of Ping Pong: for instance, tennis is "Ping Pong played while standing on the table."

Interesting, no? Well, I thought so. Anyway, I enjoy that Spokeo’s main piece of "furniture" is our ping pong table, and just like a game of ping pong, Spokeo is focused, bounding ideas off of each other and quickly approaching the launch of Spokeo 4. Go Team!



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Vanessa joined Spokeo in 2012 and oversees all social media, media relations and community relations efforts for Spokeo. She is especially passionate about Spokeo programs focused on search and reunion and promoting STEM careers for women and children. During her free time, she enjoys writing, DIY home decor and crafts, and eating dessert!

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