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Spokeo 4.0 Beta

Written by February 16, 2010

4.0 Beta

We’ve just launched Spokeo 4.0.  What’s new?  Well … EVERYTHING.

We got an all-new user interface, and we’ve added name and phone search capability.  We’ve aggregated a lot more data sources beyond social networks, and now we can search consumer profiles, contact databases, and more.  Spokeo 4.0 is so different that it’s easier to list what hasn’t changed rather than what has. 

You can still use Spokeo to find people’s digital identities across 40+ social networks, but this is only one of the four main capabilities in Spokeo 4.0.  Spokeo 4.0 supports (1) name search, (2) phone search, (3) email search, and (4) friends search.  You can now enter in anyone’s name, and Spokeo will automatically organize everyone with the same name by location to help you pinpoint the person you want to find.  You can also search for someone by phone number or email address.  Lastly, you can always import your address book and let Spokeo find out everything about your friends.

Spokeo 4.0 is a complete make-over that took us almost a year to do.  We’ve finished most of the features, but we still got many improvements to do before the Beta tag can be taken off.  If you found something not working as expected, please contact our Customer Service right away.  We will try to finish tying up all the loose ends by the end of March.

I hope you like Spokeo 4.0.  We might have a small team with only 8 people, but we do push the envelope of what’s technically possible.  We believe the Internet will bring the world closer than ever, and Spokeo 4.0 is a major step toward that goal.

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  • ols |

    I’m in Australia and trying to find what digits must be typed when searching via number also what structure are we to use when searching name and location is their a comma in between.

  • harrison
    harrison |

    We only support 10-digit US numbers at the moment. You can type the number in any format you want (with or without space or dash), and our system should understand it.

  • Darlene |

    Can you please answer his second question which is also minel. When you search by a person’s name and location, do you use a comma to separate the two. I only get name searches for the US and want to search outside of the US. ‘Thank you.

  • Katie |

    Dear Darlene,

    Spokeo 4 offers a name, phone number, and email search. If you are searching for somebody by name, enter it like “Jane Doe.” You do not need to use a comma. You can’t search by location. We currently only support name and phone searches for the U.S. at the moment, but our email search is international. Thanks.

  • KH |

    I have a lifetime Spokeo Premium account, and when i try the reverse phone search it tells me that i have reached the reverse search phone quota and need to upgrade, while i haven’t searched any phone numbers at all

  • Katie |


    Email our customer support at: support@spokeo.com, so that they can help resolve your problem.

  • Aaron |

    So how do paying customers get access to the beta. I was worried that you were getting a bit stale.

  • Katie |

    Dear Aaron,

    Paid subscribers have all been upgraded and have access to all the new features. Just type in a name, phone number, or email address into the search bar, and press enter. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please email our customer support at: support@spokeo.com. Thanks.

  • Justin |

    Make it so that Australian people can type in someones name and it can be located in Australia aswell.

  • sam martin |



  • Katie |

    Spokeo 4 is available right now! Just log in to your account or visit our homepage, and search for a name, email address, or phone number.

    Spokeo currently only supports national numbers and addresses from the United States for our phone and name search. I apologize for any inconvenience. We support international email addresses for our email search, which covers the 40+ social networks our servers search from.

  • Lloyd |

    How do i find people

  • Harrison Fagle |

    thankyou lots, I must comment that your website is amazing!

  • PeopleSearches |

    I like the way Spokeo helps to search people. Would like to see more features added into it in the coming years.

  • Simon |

    Hi there, When will rhe search be acessible, to find people in Australia? I clicked on thelink Spkeo Australia, but it only comes up as US search only. Thank you

  • Katie |

    Hi Simon, We only offer name and address searches within the U.S. at this time. However, email and username searches are international. We will let you know of any updates, thanks!

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