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Spokeo – the 60th Most Popular Search on Google

Written by March 23, 2010

We have A LOT of traffic right now.  Just in the past hour, Spokeo became the 60th most popular search term on Google. 

We are inundated with emails and phone calls, which come in every 10 seconds or so.  Before this traffic surge, we picked up every call and replied back to everyone within 3 – 4 hours.  Now, we ask everyone to be patient as we sort through the feedback.  We are busy trying to scale our staff and infrastructure to bring back our old quality of service, and we are working hard to push out new improvements to satisfy everyone’s demands.

We understand that people are amazed and shocked by how much this new technology can find about others.  We are busy working on a new feature that would reveal where every piece of information comes from, as well as how you can take steps to remove these public information.  New features take time to implement, especially when we only got 3 engineers.  That said, you can bet that Spokeo will become better and better.

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