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Traffic Surge

Written by March 22, 2010

Our traffic doubled last week, and it surges again today.  As a result, we’ve reached the limit of our capacity, and the site might be slow or unresponsive from time to time.  We are busy working on scaling our servers to accommodate this sudden growth, so please be patient as we work to bring back the site’s speedy performance.

Spokeo v4.0 is still in Beta, so a lot of features & designs are still unpolished.  We’ve received thousands of constructive feedback since the launch, and we do try our best to reply back to everyone within one business day.  That said, if you haven’t heard back from us within a day, please be patient as we go through the stack of emails one-by-one.  We respect everyone’s opinion and suggestion, but since there are so many of them, we have to pick and choose which one to implement first.  We only got 4 engineers here, so please give us some time to make Spokeo better.

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