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Catching up!

Written by April 27, 2010

Hi bloggers,

Just an update on what our team of ninja hedgehogs has been up to. As always, we’re busy working on improving Spokeo’s features and usability. Most of the bugs should be gone. A few people had issues with inputting their captcha codes. That should be resolved by now. As of yesterday, we’ve caught up on most of our emails – yes, we read and respond to every single email! – and hopefully, have addressed your questions.

Also, please note that we have recently removed Facebook from our supported networks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will let you know if Facebook becomes one of our networks again in the future, which very well may happen, but as of now, we no longer support it.

Keep checking your Spokeo to keep up to date on your friends and family!


we’re on the move!


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