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Written by April 8, 2010

If you’ve been using Spokeo regularly, you’d probably notice that we’ve been making improvements on Spokeo almost every other day.  We get thousands of emails a day, but we still do try to reply back to every single one of them – even if it’s not within 24 hours like we used to.  We will continue to improve our customer service and adjust our technology according to user feedback.

We’ve just pushed a major update today.  We’ve upgraded the entire site and the premium user interface to the new Spokeo 4.0 theme, and we’ve added couple new search improvements for our premium users.  We’ve also improved our privacy opt-out mechanism so that it won’t raise red flags for legitimate opt-out requests.  We don’t claim that the new algorithm is 100% perfect, but it should drastically cut down the false alarms.  As mentioned in the previous post, we are still working on a privacy feature that helps users monitor and safeguard their online footprints.  It should be ready in the coming weeks.

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