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Written by May 12, 2010

Hey bloggers. There’s been a lot of buzz on various blogs and news sources online about some of our available Premium features, as well as some misconceptions (and suggestions of scams) surrounding what type of searches Spokeo is capable of doing.

We are a people-centered technology. The purpose of our endeavor is to simplify the Internet by centering it on the individual user seeking to stay in touch through various social networks.

Our primary goal when we started back in 2006 was to create something new. We wanted to fulfill a need to organize people-related data in a meaningful way. In the past four years we’ve listened to feedback from our users and included additional features, including the latest version of the site that was launched a month and a half ago.

Since then, we’ve been rolling out new privacy features to better enhance the user experience.

Because we are a relatively new type of technology, there’s a lot of hype about our search capabilities. Many people wonder what kind of information we can provide and whether such information is a scam.

A good way to explain what Spokeo is, would be to explain what Spokeo is not. Contrary to myth, Spokeo does not publish information on Social Security numbers. We do not have credit information, including exact credit scores and wealth ratings. We do not know the balance of your bank account. In fact, we don’t have any specific private financial information about anyone. We don’t allow third parties to scam your credit information.

We are, however, to be used as a reference displaying an estimate of this information found elsewhere on the web. We offer the following disclaimer at the bottom of every page:

 profile data is not guaranteed to be accurate


Our goal with this blog is to keep things transparent so we can keep you better informed about what’s going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned as we work on improving our features and please keep your feedback coming!

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