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Friends With Benefits… Free Spokeo T-Shirt!

Written by July 30, 2010

Spokeo’s vanguard approach may prompt some interesting debates on occasion, but if there’s one thing that seems to transcend all differences and bring a smile even to the staunchest doubting-Thomas’s face, it is our inimitable, ever-so-likeable, Spokeo hedgehog logo. People constantly tell us how much they love it.  So when the company recently handed out t-shirts to all of its employees, it came as no surprise to us that almost everyone who saw it clamored for one.  The response was nothing short of overwhelming. We were inundated with pleas for extras — which soon got us thinking, it might be really cool to share this prized commodity in all of its boundless cuteness with some of our loyal customers too. After all, you’ve earned it!

So, if you have been a Spokeo premium user in good standing for six months or more running, and would like one of our coveted Ts too, simply e-mail us today using the same address you used to sign up for with Spokeo, and we’ll soon scurry and scamper to send your fab Spokeo-T as quickly as our little hedgehog feet can carry us.  Don’t dilly-dally though! This offer’s good only while supplies last, and these hot Ts are sure to disappear quicker than you can scarf down a double-fudge sundae on a hot summer day and holler “Hedgehog!” 

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