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Introducing The New Spokeo 5!

Written by October 23, 2010

We here at Spokeo live and breathe cutting-edge design and innovation. We are constantly experimenting with newfangled and transformative concepts, and always looking for ways to improve upon our products. This time is no different. We are at it again.

Spokeo is pleased to announce the release of our new product – Spokeo 5Spokeo 5 is transformative in its approach, and diverges from earlier versions in several noteworthy ways — first and foremost in its striking, contemporary graphic interface, which upon first introduction seems to generate a lot of unsolicited “Wows.”  

All of the content that our users have grown accustomed to and love is still alive and well. The main difference lies in a more user-friendly, icon-based, graphic presentation that is more intuitive, and easy to grasp. The content is intended to simply flow more logically and is very smooth to navigate.

For those who still remember the days when DOS ruled the roost, you might recall how awesome it was when Mac introduced its revolutionary and intuitive new icon-driven operating system and Microsoft soon followed suit. When Microsoft launched Windows OS the new design took over by a storm. Users embraced the new approach with enthusiasm because it was more intuitive and easier to use than existing formats were. Apple took a similar approach again decades later when it introduced the iPhone. In each case the idea was the same – to make the user experience easier and more appealing. And the common denominator for both? – simplicity, introduced by way of universally understood symbols much like street signs– now commonly known as icons.

While Spokeo’s new design may not be as extreme, and is still evolving even as we roll it out the door, the analogy is not entirely without merit. Spokeo’s intent is always to make our products more user-friendly and intuitive, and our approach happens to be icon driven as well. Spokeo 5’s new graphic interface is vivid and easy to grasp. It is bright and user friendly, and is simple to understand. Simply put, it is mod.  So far everyone who has seen it likes it very much. We hope that our users will have a similar response.

In the meantime we just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what is coming down the pike. The new product will be unveiled in stages (for purposes of testing) with an anticipated release date of early November.  Besides the bold new look and intuitive interface, another change users can expect is a new registration process which we are implementing as a step towards the release of our next new product – the much-anticipated privacy-control edition. The Registration is necessary for purposes of user authentication, which will be essential to enable users to claim and edit their profiles.  In the meantime, we are excited about the launch of this new edition. We have been working very hard on the new design, and are quite eager to unveil the fruits of our labor to our extended family of users in the coming days. Thank you for standing by us so enthusiastically all this time! And be sure to stay tuned for all the other exciting products coming your way!

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