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Spokeo 5.0 Sneak Preview

Written by November 10, 2010

Spokeo 5.0 is coming in the next few days! Check out the screenshot below for a special sneak preview.

Our new design philosophy centers around the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Spokeo 4.0 aggregates public data and displays it as text-strings. Spokeo 5.0 will implement graphics, icons, and new designs to help users better digest the information in a more visual way. In the later 5.1 and 5.2 versions, we will introduce two-way elements that will allow users to not only view the data, but interact with it as well.

Spokeo’s mission is to organize the world’s people-related information. If Web 2.0 is focusing on everyday people creating content and sharing information, then Web 3.0 will be about organizing and making better sense of the data people are sharing. Up to this point, Spokeo has been doing a good job aggregating data from hundreds of public sources. That being said, Spokeo hasn’t been as good in helping users understand the data in a friendly and comfortable way. Spokeo 5.0 will address these old shortcomings with a new graphical approach.

We will be experimenting with several new design concepts in the coming months, so the website will be changing constantly. Since we don’t have any beta-testing engineers (we are still a bootstrapped startup), we have to rely on our user community to give us constructive feedback. If you don’t like certain features or designs, please email us and let us know your suggestions.

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