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Dec 21

Ways to Use Spokeo During the Holidays

by Katie • December 21, 2010

People Search, The Spokeo Perspective

The holidays are all about being giving, thankful, and most importantly, spending time with your loved ones. Do you have a family member, friend, or other loved one that you’ve lost touch with, or possibly never even met? Try using Spokeo to perform a people search on your special someone during this holiday season. Searching on Spokeo is easy. We offer free searches, as well as affordable premium plans if you want access to even more results and features. It’s okay if you only have limited information on the person you’re searching for; Spokeo will do the rest of the work for you!

Some other ways you can use Spokeo for the holidays besides traditional people searches include:

___Finding the addresses of family and friends for your Christmas cards
___Searching for friends and family to get an idea of their likes and interests for your Christmas shopping

There are three ways to search on Spokeo:

1.    Name search (e.g. John Smith)
2.    Email search (e.g. johnsmith@gmail.com)
3.    Phone search (e.g.  (123) 456-7890)

I believe that Christmas miracles really can happen, so please feel free to share any special stories you have about using Spokeo. Whether you found your long, lost identical twin or bought the most legendary Christmas gift after searching on Spokeo, we want to know!

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