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Spokeo Phone Search – New and Improved

Written by February 22, 2011

We like you. We like you so much, in fact, that we’re continually tweaking our website to better meet your people search needs. User feedback is crucial for a website like ours: we depend on you for suggestions and, yes, criticism (but not too much: our engineers are sensitive souls). Spokeo may have the technology to build a great people search engine, but it’s nothing until we know how you operate the machinery.

One helpful piece of advice had to do with the design of the different types of listings. Spokeo offers several different types of searches at this time: name search, reverse email search, reverse phone search and username search. In the past, the listings for each of these lookups had a individual design and look; this was not only designed to reflect the fact that each type of search will generate different types of information (i.e. social network profiles for the reverse email search, address for the phone search etc.), but also to prevent confusion for users trying to parse the varied kinds of data. In other words, we wanted to make it very clear what search you had just performed.

What we’ve realized from your feedback, however, is that this can actually be a source of confusion as well: each new search meant learning a new way to navigate the page. We’ve taken this into account, and are happy to introduce our brand spanking new phone search page! If you take a look you’ll see that it more closely resembles the name search listing, complete with information regarding age, address, education, hobbies etc. We think the new phone search (complete with table of contents) page looks pretty sweet, and we urge you to try it post-haste!


Because Spokeo is continually trying to provide a fuller, more thorough search experience, we have tried to unify the look of our website while integrating the data from the varied kinds of listings. This entails making the connections between the different types of search listings so that you get a more well-rounded view of the person you are searching.

As always, let us know what you think!

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