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A Tale of Two Hedgehogs

Written by February 2, 2011

LA Times Blogger Nathan Olivarez-Giles has just blown our minds with this headline:

Facebook once considered a blue hedgehog mascot

What!? This is certainly news to us. According to the blogger’s source, Sean Parker (former Facebook president and co-creator of Napster) was once very keen on making the painfully cute, painfully spiky animal the friendly face of Facebook. Great minds think alike! Eventually they scrapped the idea, and decided to use that creepy, wide-eyed mystery man up in their logo: 

Remember him?

It’s really their loss. Spokeo’s hedgehog is the perfect fusion of adorablity and cunning. A fuzzy friend by day and a secret ninja by night, he works 24/7 to assist you with all your people search needs.

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