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Top 10 People Searches – February 2011

Written by February 25, 2011

It’s that time of month again to take a look at the top people searches (I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to find out). Let’s get right to it, and start with number 10:

10.    Kobe Bryant – Kobe dominated the All-Star Game this past weekend, and won MVP. He may not be the youngest player, but he’s definitely still got it. Congrats to the West for their victory!

Spokeo Kobe Bryant

9.    Oprah Winfrey – Oprah continues to remain a popular search, which isn’t surprising considering she is the queen (or do I daresay goddess) of television and media.

8.    Serene Branson – CBS reporter Serene Branson gave us all a scare when she became disoriented and experienced problems speaking on the air last week during the Grammys. Thankfully, it appears she did not suffer a stroke as many feared, but experienced a complex migraine. We’re glad you’re doing okay Serene!

7.    Brad Pitt – Some recent Brad news includes the DVD release of Megamind; Brad is part of the vocal cast. Also, Brad’s parents are moving in with him and Angelina!

6.    Karolyn Pho – Karolyn is a stylist and the new girlfriend of actor Shia LaBeouf. Check out the couple here.

5.    Osama Bin Laden – With Bin Laden still alive and at large, it looks like Americans have begun doing some investigation of their own.

4.    Summer Glau – You may remember Summer from the Fox series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and she’s back for the NBC action series The Cape. She will also be appearing in Esquire’s Women We Love feature, which will come out next month (here’s a preview).

3.    Bill Gates – Gates is another returning member to our list. He’s been continuing to sell off his stocks to help fund his charitable endeavors. The life of a billionaire…

2.    Barack Obama – Obama moved down a spot this month, but remains a strong search. The budget cuts and small businesses have been hot topics involving the President.

1.    Justin Bieber – The Biebs finally took the top spot (it was only a matter of time)! Although he didn’t win a Grammy, he won the top spot in our list. Also, did any of you see him on CSI? Check out the amazing clip below:

Some honorable mentions that just missed the list include: Miley Cyrus, Silvio Berlusconi, Kim Kardashian, Andy Garcia, and Charlene Ward. Be sure to check in next month to see who makes the list!

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