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(Slightly, Semi, Sort of) Spokeo Extreme Makeover!

Written by March 29, 2011

Spokeo makeoverI’ve been blogging a lot recently about makeovers, our President’s included. Guess what? I’m about to do it again! And for a good reason, too. We here at Spokeo are committed to making our site the most user-friendly, navigable people search website on the net. As such, our engineers and design team are always thinking of ways to improve your experience. More often than not, this entails comparatively tiny cosmetic touch-ups  such as different fonts, larger or smaller text size etc. Sometimes, though, it can also mean some pretty dramatic alterations in the structure and makeup of the site. (Cosmetic touch-ups? Makeup? Have I been studying at the Aveda Institute?)

The latest redesign is subtle, but effective. You will notice that our homepage has been lightly altered. The logo is smaller, but just as purdy.The fonts are sleeker, dare I say…sexier? (No, I won’t say that, as that’s really creepy.) One of the more substantial changes involves our name search, specifically the way our system narrows down the search for you. For the most part, our name search function works the same as before: when you type "John Doe" into the search bar, you are prompted to narrow the search by selecting the state. After you select the correct state,  the menu on the left will now display a list of cities and areas for you to choose from. Previously, our system gave you a list of bolded "John Doe"s with the addresses in smaller font under the name. This latest tweak is simply to help you find the person you are looking for faster, by emphasizing the general area of residence. We think you’ll like it a lot.

Spokeo social network descriptionAnother small addition/improvement relates to our email search. As you know, when you type an email address into Spokeo, our search engine scours dozens upon dozens of social networks to locate matching profiles. These profiles can range from Twitter feeds, to Facebook profiles, to Amazon wishlists and everything in between. While Facebook and Twitter may dominate the field, there are a lot of social networks out there, and it can be confusing to keep track of them all. To help acquaint you with some of the networks that may be unfamiliar to you, we’ve added short descriptions of them on the email search page. After you’ve searched the email address, simply hover the mouse over the network name and a small info-bubble will appear with a helpful summary of what the network is, and what it does. You’ll soon be impressing friends and colleagues at parties with your encyclopedic knowledge of Wretch!

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