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HAIRison: Harrison’s Hairstyle Odyssey Part 1: The Bieber

Written by March 2, 2011

Spokeo founder Harrison Tang is a busy man. He lives and breathes this website, and spends nearly every waking moment hunched over his computer, working to improve your people search experience. Harrison always has Spokeo on the brain; it’s not uncommon to spot him lost in thought near the water cooler, privately meditating on the pros and cons of sidebar scrolling or the shade of blue that goes easiest on the eye. Of course, these are both just assumptions, as he could just as likely be deciding whether he wants another bag of Sun Chips. Either way, he’s still a busy man.

And devoted as he is to Spokeo and its users, even Harrison sometimes needs a little bit of me time. This generally comes in the form of a stylist (named Stefanio) who appears at the office every few weeks. We here in the office have gotten used to the routine: Stefanio shows up with a large kit of scissors and hair products, spends a good hour trimming and moussing, steals a Root Beer from the fridge (I’m on to you, Stefanio), and leaves. When Harrison emerges, he’s a new man.

We thought we’d share some of Harrison’s hairdos in an ongoing series we call Hair-ison. Here’s his current coiffure, a hip, new look that is guaranteed to be hit among the kids. Harrison claims that this look was in no way inspired by teen sensation Justin Bieber, but we have our doubts (increased by a recent rash of pubescent voice cracking).


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