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Spokeo Name Search and Email Search Update

Written by March 8, 2011

spokeo people search makeoverSpokeo is getting a makeover!

Well, sort of. It’s not a Harrison Tang-size makeover by any means, but it is a change. Remember last week when I blogged about our new and improved phone search page? (No?! How dare you?). Well, we have gone ahead and extended this design concept to our email search and name search as well. While this is by no means a radical design change, it’s certainly an improvement.

The basic idea behind the redesign is simple. Spokeo offers different kinds of search options: name search, reverse phone search, reverse email search and (most recently) username search. In the past each of these different types of lookup each had its own look and feel. We eventually realized that this made our website look inconsistent; after all, a website that has such a different design for every page is not a user-friendly website. That’s why our designers have been hard at work unifying the layout of our website, so that you can browse with speed and ease.

It looks pretty, too. Be sure to check out the Table of Contents feature (located to the left of the listing), which allows you to jump to the section that most interests you with a click of the mouse. It’s a lot faster than scrolling. It’s safer, too: did you know that scrolling is responsible for an estimated 78% of Carpal tunnel-related finger injuries? I sure didn’t, until I completely made it up just now! The point stands: Spokeo not only values your feedback, we value your index finger as well.

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  • Carmen H.Cook |

    Spokeo, Hi! I have been unsucessfully trying to do a reverce e-mail on someone to no avail. I have a legit card, and e-mail address, but it keeps coming up with” e-mail is already in use”. Please help me.
    Thank you, Carmen Cook

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa |

    Hi Carmen, So sorry to hear you are having trouble. Please email our support team at support@spokeo.com and they’ll be able to help you quickly.

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