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Spokeo Hedgehog Facts!

Written by April 21, 2011

Hedgehog SpokeoWe at Spokeo are very proud of our little mascot. Hedgehogs deserve a lot more attention then they get. In order to deepen your appreciation and understanding of this adorable, spiny little mammal, I thought I’d share some fun facts (sources in parentheses). Enjoy!:

•  Hedgehogs earned their name from their pig-like snout and grunt, along with the fact that they frequent hedges and undergrowth in search of food. (National Geographic)

•  Hedgehogs are generally nocturnal. (Wildlife Trust)

•  A typical hedgehog’s diet consists of slugs, snails, worms, centipedes, toads and frogs, berries, roots, mushrooms and delicious, delicious snakes. This makes them a popular pet with gardeners looking to combat pests. They love cilantro, too.  (National Geographic)

•  There are 17 species of hedgehogs. They are members of the Erinaceidae family, along gymnures and moonrats. (Wikipedia)

•  Unlike the hedgehog in our logo, hedgehogs are not blue. Sure, you could spray paint one blue, but please don’t. Hedgehogs hate being spray-painted, and will attempt to eat your face when you do so. (Personal research)

•  The hedgehog has been around for about 15 million years, making it one of the oldest mammals on Earth.  (A to Z Animals)

•  The hedgehog has a bizarre and mysterious behavior called "annointing." Here’s one expert’s description: Anointing is a possible response that a hedgehog will exhibit when they encounter a smell that they are unfamiliar with. In such an event the hedgehog will possibly bite or chew at the source of the smell, then they will froth at mouth to create a lather. Next they will deposit their foamy saliva on their quills by contorting their bodies. I have seen a many a hedgehog contort their bodies until they fall over, some become so entranced that they become unaware of their surroundings at the time. And people call me a weirdo when I do this. Hypocrites! (Hedgehog Central)

•  Hedgehogs are fast runners, skillful climbers and fine swimmers. (I hate running, can’t climb, and never learned how to swim. Hedgehogs + 1.) (Wikipedia)

•  There are nearly 20 different species of hedgehog, ranging from the tiny, oh-so-cute Long-eared Hedgehog, to the larger European hedgehog. Please refer to the helpful genius at Answers.com if you’d like to know the largest species of hedgehog. (Wikipedia/Answers.com)

•  The average hedgehog has anywhere from 5,000 to 6,500 quills. Although the quills aren’t poisonous, they are sharp; they are used as a defense mechanism: when the hedgehog is threatened, it rolls itself into a sharp ballm as no one likes to eat sharp things. (Wikipedia)

In summary: hedgehogs are awesome.

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