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Where Do I Find Spokeo News? Here, That’s Where!

Written by April 18, 2011

Spokeo NewsThings move fast here at Spokeo, and it can be hard to keep up. Some of you have even asked if we have a "News" section. We do, and guess what? You’re reading it right now!

This blog is many things, to be sure: a clearing house of truth, a dependable place for a good read and, of course, a repository of good old-fashioned nightmare fuel. It’s also where we give you the latest updates on what is going on in our world, whether it be a site redesign, a snapshot of the month’s most popular searches or mentions of Spokeo in the news. Spokeo recently turned 5, and we’re coming off of our biggest year yet.

Some recent Spokeo news highlights include:

•  Spokeo feature in Time Magazine
•  Spokeo’s name and email search makeover
•  Spokeo’s new and improved phone search

There are many exciting things we have planned for you, so please keep checking this blog regularly for all Spokeo-related news.  We’ve only just begun!

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