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Top 10 People Searches – April 2011

Written by April 29, 2011

April showers bring May flowers, and the end of April also means that it’s time to find out who you’ve been searching for on Spokeo. Check out the list:

10. LeBron James – This Miami Heat player didn’t bring the “heat” in the last game against Philadelphia, but he still made our list.

9. Oprah Winfrey – Oprah’s final episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is less than a month away. Also, although Oprah is usually all about charity and support, she will not be saving the soaps.

8. Donald Trump – A newbie to our list! Do you think Trump will run for president in 2012? Would you vote for him if he did? Lastly, the most important question, what is up with his hair?

_______________________________Spokeo Donald Trump

7. Brad Pitt – Are you looking for a job? Well, Brad and Angelina are looking for a nanny! Other Brad news includes his starring role in the upcoming zombie thriller “World War Z.”

6. Kobe Bryant – Kobe sprained his ankle and it’s unclear how effective he will be in the Lakers’ upcoming games. Hopefully he’ll pull through!

5. Bill Gates – This billionaire seems to always be in the news, and remains a popular people search on Spokeo.

4. Justin Bieber – Bieber may have dropped a few spots on our list, but there’s no sign of slowing down for this teen sensation. You can now indulge your teeth with Justin Bieber’s singing toothbrush, which may or may not make you smile.

___________________________________Spokeo Justin Bieber

3. Marilyn Davenport – This California Republican failed to get laughs after emailing a photoshopped Obama and chimp image. It’s important to be smart about what you post online.

2. Barack Obama – Obama released his birth certificate to help clear the air and, naturally, Donald Trump is taking credit for it.

1. Silvio Berlusconi – The controversial Italian Prime Minister makes our list again, reclaiming the #1 spot. Justin Bieber’s reign has ended!

Selena Gomez just came up short of making the list. Be sure to check in next month to see who makes our top 10!

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