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Spokeo Rolls With the Changes

Written by May 12, 2011

Spokeo hedgehogOur crafty designers have done it again, with a bevy of stylish modifications for your visual enjoyment and ease of use. Let me count the ways:

-I’ll start with the one you are looking at: our new blog! We’ve been angling for a new blog design for a while now. Oh sure, the old layout was fine and all, but it always felt a little, I don’t know, flat. Sterile. Plain. Anodyne. Somnifacent even! (Oh no he didn’t!) And that’s a shame, because Spokeo is anything but. This new design is bold and fresh, and it packs in a whole lot of posts on one page for your viewing pleasure.

-Our Privacy page, which allows anyone to to remove their listing, has been transformed. What was formerly a simple blank form now includes a helpful illustration of the different elements that make up a Spokeo listing (phonebooks, public social network profiles, real estate listings), so that you can see how we aggregate all that publicly-accessible data.

-We’ve also made some touch-ups to our Friends feature, making it easier than ever to see what your buddies are up to.

We like these new layouts a whole lot, and hope you do too. (A personal fave: the hedgehog peeking out from behind the blog. Man, that is some USDA Prime Certified Cute right there!)

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