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May 27

The Traveling Hedgehog – Japan

by Katie • May 27, 2011

Inside Spokeo, People Search

Our furry friend got bit by the travel bug once again after going through his Peru album and remembering what an amazing time had on his trip. Since Calvin has always considered himself to be a master ninja, this time his destination was Japan!

Calvin is the type of hedgehog who likes to live in the moment. As we’re learning, he is not afraid or hesitant to purchase a plane ticket on a whim and travel alone to a foreign land. This is beneficial to us, because Calvin is an excellent photographer and always documents his trips so he can share his adventures.

See the photos below to get a taste of Calvin’s Japan trip. His favorite memories include the many train rides, almost getting lost in a bamboo forest, the delicious fresh sushi, and the gorgeous temples and architecture. Calvin made many friends, including some students with a love for hedgehogs. They wouldn’t let Calvin leave without a picture, and he was happy to oblige (see below).

Where do you think Calvin will travel next?

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