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Spokeo’s Newest Feature: Location Auto-Suggest

Written by June 6, 2011

I’m assuming that by now you are well acquainted with Spokeo’s Name Search functionality, which allows you to find just about anyone in the US by first and last name.  If not, that’s okay too, though I will have to deduct a few points from your score (don’t worry-it’s still anyone’s game!). Looking up somebody by name is easy: simply go to the search bar at the top of Spokeo’s homepage, type in a first and last name and click Search/hit Enter. Spokeo pulls up a map and a list of all the matching profiles, and you narrow it down by selecting the city and state.

While that’s pretty darn easy, our search engine also allows you to add the city after a name (i.e. "John Smith Los Angeles"). But since we’re all about helping you find the person you are looking for in record time, we’ve decided to make it even quicker and easier than that. Now when you enter the first and last name in the search bar, feel free to add just PART of the city as well and we’ll do the rest!

For example, type "John Smith Los," and Spokeo will generate a personalized suggestion box with a list of cities ranked based on your location. So if you’re in California and searching "John Smith Los" we’ll suggest "Los Angeles" first, while if you’re in Texas we might suggest "Los Fresnos" instead. Once the list appears you can simply click or use the arrow keys to select the desired city in the suggestion box and you’re good to go! We call it our "location auto-suggest" feature, but since that’s sort of an awkward name you can just call it "Time Saver 5000." You’re gonna love it!

Spokeo Location Auto-Suggest

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