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Spokeo News Update: Last Day of Summer Edition

Written by September 14, 2011

Spokeo slip n slideA troop of sad-looking children shuffle listlessly to a bus stop. A young woman sighs as she folds up her Slip n’ Slide. A deflated beach ball is tossed onto the cold, concrete floor of a garage. A depressed man of 25 eats a plate of Pizza Rolls while regretfully looking outside the window. What do all of these events have in common? That’s right: the last day of summer. (To be fair, the man in that last example is myself, and it’s pretty much what I do every day.)

While it’s natural to feel a little crummy this time of year, we here at Spokeo are doing our best to stay happy and focused. Besides, summer ain’t always what it’s cut out to be: the scorching summer heat can cause tension in the office, as witnessed in a recent outbreak of Nerf-related violence, which culminated in an unforgettable, epic battle (and equally epic clean-up) some weeks back. Fortunately, cool September breezes have brought peace, and arms have been laid to rest upon a handsomely-designed rack.

spokeo nerf gun rack

The end of summer also means the beginning of football season. More importantly, the beginning of football season means the beginning of foosball season. The 2011 Spokeo 2-on-2 Foosball Funvitational is underway, and it’s still anybody’s game. (Except for the losers, who lost like a bunch of losers. Losers.) The rules are simple: no spinning, and for the love of God please wash your hands before playing, it’s cold and flu season now!

Despite the temptation of Slip n’ Slides, Nerf guns and foosball, we have been working hard all summer on a whole host of exciting new features and improvements to help you with your people search needs. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. Keep an eye on this blog for Spokeo news and updates, as there is a lot of great new stuff coming down the pike. Stay tuned!

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