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Introducing Spokeo Famous People Search!

Written by December 14, 2011

Spokeo is the leader in cutting-edge people search technology. It’s no exagerration to say that our name search, reverse email search, reverse phone search and username search capabilities help millions of people every day, by locating and connecting friends, family and acquaintances online and off. While we all have someone we’re looking for, research shows that a large percentage of the people we search are people we’ll likely never meet: celebrities. Even the most cynical among us can admit to reading our share of bios on Wikipedia, searching big glossy pictures on Google, or reading the latest gossip on TMZ. It can be a very time-consuming hobby. In fact, sometimes it feels like the amount of time we spend aimlessly browsing a handful of websites for details on, say, Kim Kardashian‘s 72-day marriage, takes longer than… Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage. What if you could get all the information you were looking for in one place?

Introducing Spokeo Famous People Search!

Spokeo Taylor Swift

This is big news, folks. With over a million profiles on anyone you can imagine, living or dead, Spokeo Famous People Search takes the guilt out of America’s guiltiest pleasure. If they’re famous, they’re here: Lady GagaJustin BieberBill GatesMickey Mantle… the list goes on. Each celebrity profile has the latest news, videos and photos available – think Wikipedia with a little bit of TMZ thrown in for good measure. To accomplish the huge task of putting together all these profiles, our world-class engineers have harnessed the cutting-edge power of semantic technology to identify and categorize millions of celeb bios, photos, videos, news and just about everything else. Kill some time (or lots of it) by browsing Spokeo’s photo viewer, which boasts access to the largest collection of celebrity photos on the web. We are proud and excited to be bringing people search into the future. Searching celebs has never been this fun.

Some cool features:
– Millions of photos – the largest collection of celeb photos freely available on the web.
– Simplified timeline showing important events in the life of each famous person.
– Relationship information ranging from family and friends to love interests and flings.
– Realtime Twitter map of celebrity spottings and whereabouts.

Head to our homepage and start searching!

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