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Take the Time to Understand Your Online Footprint With Spokeo

Written by March 8, 2012

Spokeo Online Footprint

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about “what you can and can’t do with Spokeo.” If you didn’t get a chance read it, here’s the key quote:

“[While we at Spokeo] pride ourselves on providing the public with a powerful tool to reconnect old friends and classmates, find lost family members, expose fraudsters and more, with power comes responsibility. Spokeo takes federal and state privacy guidelines very seriously, and we want to ensure that our product continues to not only be useful, but safe.”

Your safety is very important to us, and when used correctly is can also be a great  tool for helping you understand – and monitor – your online footprint. This footprint consists of those traces of online activity that anyone can see: public social network profiles, Tweets, Amazon.com Wishlists, dating site profiles, etc. As Spokeo only aggregates publicly-accessible data (and not credit scores, social security numbers, etc.), a lot of things that are available publicly on the web will find their way to us. It can be surprising for a lot of people to see what’s out there about them. (“I had a Friendster account? Oh yeah…”); that’s why it’s so important in this day and age for you to know the full extent of your presence on the web, and Spokeo can help you do just that.

Our product was created to help you easily access publicly-accessible data at an affordable price.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, learn about important people (by using our Famous People search feature) and protect themselves from scam artists and fraudsters.

Your privacy is just as important as your safety. We allow anyone to remove their listings on Spokeo at any time for free, no questions asked. [See our Privacy page for more details.] At the moment we are also making definitive changes to our product in order to best protect and serve the public by ensuring that there’s no limit to the amount of personal listings you can remove. It’s all a part of serving the community, and serving you.

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