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Apr 10

Top 10 People Searches – Baseball Players

by Katie • April 10, 2012

Inside Spokeo, People Search

I’m happy to introduce a new Spokeo blog series – Top 10! We’re expanding the monthly top 10 people searches blog and will now include weekly blogs that cover specific subjects and types of people. Spokeo’s sophisticated algorithms make it possible for us to discover the most searched-for and relevant people, and we’re excited to share it with you every week. So catch up on the news and pop culture with Spokeo!

MLB season is here, so I’m starting things off with the top 10 baseball players. Play ball!

Spokeo Baseball Players

Top 10 Baseball Players:

1. Albert Pujols –  the first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2. Ozzie Guillen –  a former MLB player and current manager of the Florida Marlins
3. Prince Fielder –  the first baseman for the Detroit Tigers
4. Jamie Moyer –  a pitcher with the Colorado Rockies
5. Miguel Cabrera – the third baseman with the Detroit Tigers
6. Matt Cain –  a starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
7. Robin Ventura –  the current manager of the Chicago White Sox and a former professional baseball player
8. Roger Clemens –  a former Major League Baseball pitcher who broke into the league with the Boston Red Sox
9. Andrew Bailey –  a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox
10. Chipper Jones –  the third baseman of the Atlanta Braves

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