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Father and Son REUNITED!

Written by June 8, 2012

Spokeo receives feedback from our great customers almost every day.  But a couple of weeks ago, we got a really special email.

Edward is 29 years old and had never met his biological father.  He began his search for his father across the internet and it was Spokeo that led him to his father within THREE days!

You might ask, “Doesn’t Spokeo connect people every day? What is so special about this story?” Why yes, Spokeo does connect people every day, but see, Edward’s case is special as he had yet to meet his father in person and… he allowed Spokeo to come along for the meeting!

Read Edward’s story from just before he met his father below and stay tuned for great video of the meeting of two families!

My biological father, Terry, left (with military orders) from El Paso, Texas when my mother was still pregnant with me, and never knew that I even existed. I was raised with the last name of the man my mother had married, but was told at a young age  (12yrs old) that there was little to no hope of ever being able to find my real father.

In mid-May 2012, I finally mustered up enough courage to begin the search of finding out where my real father was. I began my search on Facebook, but as you may imagine, there are limitless names matching that of my fathers. I had always been skeptical about “paying” for sites like Spokeo, but Spokeo proved to play a critical role in helping us to link people to a name and then cross-reference those relationships to social media accounts.

I know, more than anything, divine intervention/chance/luck (whichever you prefer) played a huge part in how quickly we were able to find him. After about 3 days of intense looking, I received a phone call from a man that had heard a voicemail I left on his home phone number. After answering several key questions, I knew immediately I had found him. My hands began to shake in anticipation of the rejection/acceptance I would receive after 17 years of curiosity. As the story would have it, I was warmly accepted by him and his family, and I will be traveling this weekend with my family to go and meet him face-to-face.

I am 29 years old and finally saw a picture of my biological father for the first time. Curing all of the emotions that surrounded me as a child growing up without the true identity of my other half, questions that could never be answered without him, and filling this void could not have been possible without the services of Spokeo. Thanks again for all that your site has done to help bring us together. The feeling is still euphoric.

We are especially excited to showcase this story as we kick off our Father’s Day campaign. Do you know anyone who found his or her father using Spokeo? Are you looking for your father? Edward used Spokeo and was able to connect with his father within just a few days.

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