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Father and Son REUNITED! – Part II

Written by June 15, 2012

Last week we introduced you to Edward, a young man who, for 29 years, did not know who his father was. He started looking online and after a couple days and a Spokeo search, it only took ONE phone call to find “the other person that was responsible for bringing [him] into this world.”

Our team at Spokeo is inspired daily by stories like these. We understand the basic human desire to connect with others and are proud to be able to reconnect people with their lost loved ones time after time. Thank you, Edward, for allowing us to be a part of this special moment in your life.

We’re honored to share the following video of Edward meeting his dad for the first time with you. Don’t fret if you can’t hold back the tears… we weren’t able to!

We wish Edward and his father, as well as all of the dads out there, a very happy Father’s Day this weekend.  Hopefully you’re lucky enough to be with your dad, and if you’re looking for him, give Spokeo a try… Edward did and now he has an entirely new family!

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Director of Public Relations & Community Initiatives

Vanessa joined Spokeo in 2012 and oversees all social media, media relations and community relations efforts for Spokeo. She is especially passionate about Spokeo programs focused on search and reunion and promoting STEM careers for women and children. During her free time, she enjoys writing, DIY home decor and crafts, and eating dessert!

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