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‘Tis the Season!

Written by December 19, 2012

Anyone who visits the Spokeo office knows that we’re a spirited group. From themed fridays (proof here) to upcoming ugly sweater parties, we love to get into the full-fledged spirit of things. And that includes the spirit of giving! We opted to support the local “Spark of Love” toy drive, a program driven by KABC and the Southern California Firefighters benefiting the underserved children and teens of Los Angeles counties.

We originally tried to stick to toys that would inspire future engineers (puzzles, blocks, etc.), but at the end of the day, engineers are motivated in a variety of ways and who’s to say an oversized Scooby Doo isn’t going to influence the next generation of programmers?

Yesterday, we trekked our huge box of toys (along with some delicious donuts!) to local Pasadena Fire Station 31 and were delighted to shake hands with the heros who are here to protect us. We received the friendliest of smiles and even got to tour their trucks and engines.

Founders Harrison and Mike lugging the toys along Fair Oaks blvd.

Spark of Love is still accepting toys until December 24th. Just take your new toys or teen accessories (see here) to a local fire station and make smiles happen.

Happy Holidays from Spokeo!

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Director of Public Relations & Community Initiatives

Vanessa joined Spokeo in 2012 and oversees all social media, media relations and community relations efforts for Spokeo. She is especially passionate about Spokeo programs focused on search and reunion and promoting STEM careers for women and children. During her free time, she enjoys writing, DIY home decor and crafts, and eating dessert!

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  • SLL |

    I was going through some of the celebrity pages and a lot of the romance sections have a lot of random people on it.

    Rihanna never dated Ryan Phillippe, Dudley O Shaughnessy, Jay Z, Wilmer
    Valderrama, Andrew Bynum or Kanye West.

    Likewise, many of the names on Justin Timberlake’s pages were actors
    he was in movies with or took a photo with. Then there are some random
    names there too. He did not date Jenny McCarthy, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde,
    Ashley Olson, Gabrielle Christian (wrong Justin, that would be Justin Mentzer) Staci Flood or Kate Hudson. There are a few celebrities though, that are missing that you can replace them with.

    Just a tip, the website WhosDatedWho.com is a website many people use as a reference, but it is actually not a good source. Anyone can edit the list, as long as you put ‘rumor’ next to it.

  • Katie |

    Hello, Thank you for the feedback! I’ll pass it along. We are constantly working to expand and improve the data available on on our site.

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