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Spokeo Search Answers: Academy Awards Survival Edition

Written by February 22, 2013

The Academy Awards, scheduled for this Sunday, February 24, 2013, are a celebration of the finest Tinseltown has to offer.  Red carpets set ablaze and paparazzo cameras flash away as Hollywood’s elite wow us with their beauty and onscreen talent. At Spokeo, our Customer Service Team is excitedly trying to catch up with all the nominated films, driving our internal debates well into the night:  Daniel Day-Lewis or Denzel Washington?  Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain?

Whoever you’re rooting for, Spokeo makes it easy to keep up with all the nominees by using our Famous People Search. We’ve got millions of listings on not only the actors and actresses, but also the directors, writers, and even some non-fictional characters! Brush up on your awards trivia by looking up our easy-to-navigate timeline on each of your favorite stars.  You can check out our archive of awards photos from previous premieres and other red carpet events and decide for yourself as to whether or not you think Anne Hathaway really looks her best yet.

We all know who the big guns are, so in case you’re confused with those nominated in some of the smaller categories, our Customer Service Team has assembled some tips to help make your Famous People Searches more friendly and keep you in the know as you follow along with host Seth McFarlane at the 2013 Academy Awards.

1. When looking for a name with an initial (David O. Russell), or a hyphen (Daniel Day-Lewis), you may want to combine the middle initial/name with the last name to pull up your searches.

David O. Russell becomes David ORussell
Daniel Day-Lewis becomes Daniel DayLewis

2. Spokeo’s “autocomplete” feature will display Celebrity Listings on the side bar to try to find any one with a middle name. (ex: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Penelope Ann Miller, Jennifer Love Hewitt).

3. You can always type the actor’s name + spokeo in another search engine to take you directly to the listing.

4. Navigate more quickly through the profile by using the shortcuts on the lefthand side. Jump straight to the news and updates this Sunday and you’ll likely see all the press about the nominee.

5. If you don’t have a specific celebrity in mind to search for, browse through various listings by first name at http://www.spokeo.com/directory. Clicking on a letter will bring up the top ten famous people with names that begin with that letter.

We hope these few Spokeo tricks make it even easier to navigate through Sunday’s program. Now you don’t have to wonder who the heck Ryan Seacrest is interviewing. You can look them up in a jiffy and browse the photos to see if this year’s gown is better than last year’s choice.

It’s no question to us who deserves an award for “Best Users and Visitors”.

Until next time,

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